Fabiola Zerbini

South America Regional Coordinator TFA 2020,  The Nature Conservancy, Brazil

Fabiola joined The Nature Conservancy office in Sao Paolo, Brazil as the TFA 2020 Regional Coordinator for South America as of September 2016. Prior to TFA 2020, Fabiola has been working as Executive Director of multi-stakeholder platforms at Forest Stewardship Council Brazil and FACES do Brasil – Platform to Articulate Ethical and Fair Trade. Fabiola joins us with more than 15 years with sustainable value chains, responsible consumption and corporate sustainability and a PhD in Environmental Political Science by PROCAM/USP (University of São Paulo) (2008) and as a Law Graduated of FMU (United Metropolitan Colleges). She is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish.


Josephine Lindahl

West and Central Africa Regional Coordinator TFA 2020, Palladium Group, Ghana

Josephine joined the Palladium Group offices in Accra, Ghana as the TFA 2020 West and Central Africa Regional Coordinator in November 2016. Josephine has spent most of her career as an independent arbitrator, third party verifier and auditor in the different areas of the supply chain for agricultural products, with focus on cocoa. As one of the first advocates for responsible sustainable cocoa, she has worked on Starbucks Ethically Sourced Cocoa Practices, Nestlé’s Cocoa Plan and UTZ certification. Josephine joins the team with over 16 years of experience in commodity supply chains and fluency in French, Spanish and Swedish.


Dr, Erwin Widodo

Southeast Asia Regional Coordinator TFA 2020, IBCSD, Indonesia

Pak Erwin joins the Indonesia Business Council for Sustainable Development office in Jakarta, Indonesia as the TFA 2020 Southeast Asia Regional Coordinator from mid-December 2016. Prior to joining TFA 2020, Erwin was the Executive Director in Indonesia Climate Change Trust Fund – BAPPENAS and the Sumatra Sustainability Fund. His 20-year experience includes positions as the CEO of PT Alam Bukit Tigapuluh (the company formed to purchase the ex-logging concessions surrounding Bukit Tigapuluh National Park), the Deputy Director for Forest, Species, and Fresh Water at World Wide Fund (WWF) Indonesia, and senior role at KEHATI, the Indonesian Biodiversity Foundation.


If you’d like to learn more about the work of the TFA 2020 and our regional presence, get in touch by emailing us on tfa2020@weforum.org

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