The Secretariat of the Tropical Forest Alliance is soliciting proposals from consultancies to prepare a report assessing the progress and impact of private-sector, government and civil society action to address commodity-driven deforestation.

This assessment is intended to establish an evidence-based, data-driven understanding of how far the supply chain movement has come in addressing commodity-driven deforestation and what types of action and intervention by the private sector and the broader enabling environment have been effective or are yet to deliver expected results.

The report is part of a bigger process led by TFA, in consultation with key stakeholders, to develop a post-2020 action agenda to advance the forest and commodities agenda. The main purpose of the report is to inform the community on what has or has not worked over the past decade to reduce commodity-driven deforestation with the aim to develop an ambitious forward agenda.

For further information, please see the Request for Proposals.

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