Fund Administrator – Cargill $30m Innovation Fund

Cargill has established a 5-year, $30 million fund to discover, develop and deploy innovative solutions that accelerate the development and implementation of farmer-level economically viable alternatives to agricultural development on forests and native vegetation. We invite others to invest with us to accelerate progress and scale solutions that help balance farmer livelihoods while protecting forests and native vegetation and supporting strong, resilient communities.  Our priority through the fund is to help farmers be as successful as they can be in the local and global marketplace in a competitive, resilient and sustainable way.


Cargill is seeking proposals from international and local organizations to advise us as we design the fund, including fund management, fund administration, pooling Cargill and funding partner contributions, soliciting funding opportunities and technical administration of the fund.


For further information, please see the Request for Proposals.


Learn more about Cargill’s initiative in a recent blog.

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