TFA Brazil Coordinator


The TFA Brazil Coordinator will lead the development of the TFA Brazilian workplan, in an interconnected way with TFA Latin America and global activities. S/he will report to TFA Latin America Regional Director and liaises with TFA Global team, TNC’s Latin America and Brazilian’ teams.


The TFA Brazil Coordinator is expected to drive TFA activities in Brazil towards the following outcomes:

  • The TFA case for action is illustrated and effectively communicated so that by March 2021, the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, alongside key domestic and international actors, commits to support public private initiatives that embrace forests as a central part of Brazil’s agriculture sector and broader economy with a focus on increasing production efficiency, reducing deforestation and halting land degradation/conversion.
  • Impact Initiatives to illustrate action: target transformational initiatives that demonstrate the potential of Brazilian leadership in Free-deforestation agricultural production were catalyzed by TFA with government and private sector support, and its partial results are endorsed by Brazilian Agriculture Ministry
  • Strategy: a cadre of target stakeholders is cultivated into critical messengers and champions that promote the case for action and garner support for high impact initiatives among the Brazilian government and key international stakeholders
  • Communications & Dissemination: TFA/WEF supported the dissemination and effective communication of the science-based case for action, via events, influential messengers and communication strategies to promote the case for forest positive economic development in Brazil.

To achieve these outcomes, the TFA Brazil Coordinator, in alignment with the TFA Latin America and Global teams, will:

  • Develop and implement an intentional and comprehensive framework for TFA governmental relation’s activities that promote a new economic development model for Brazil based on free deforestation supply chains, low-carbon economy, and, consequently, respond to the challenges of climate change.
  • Support, in alignment with Brazilian government, global private sector and key Brazilian’ stakeholders, the implementation of 3-4 high impact initiatives that demonstrate the economic potential of free-deforestation agricultural production.
  • Develop strategic alliances with key critical messengers and champions that promote the case for action and garner support for high impact initiatives among the Brazilian government and key international stakeholders
  • Manage, with support of external service providers, a comprehensive and integrated communication strategy that meets the TFA’s Public Policy agenda for Brazil, coordinating the production of all communication materials as fact sheets, position papers, annual reports, videos and social medial’ materials.
  • Contribute to the design and execution of the TFA Regional and Annual meetings, as well all events planned for and with Brazilian partners in relation with Brazilian Public Policy agenda
  • Support the TFA Latin America Regional Director in identifying and coordinating additional funding resources to support the TFA Brazilian agenda
  • Provide semi-annual programmatic reports for review by the TFA Latin America Regional and Global’ teams.



  • Leading and managing processes of a strategic advocacy plan, projects and briefings
  • Develops relationships and works effectively with corporate, government, community, and non-governmental organization partners.
  • Participates in negotiates for complex, high profile or sensitive agreements.
  • Able to communicate professional and effectively with a wide variety of people from different cultures.
  • Able to prepare and present project proposals and negotiate with federal, bilateral and multilateral agencies and/or the business and corporate sector, to achieve program goals.
  • Persuasively conveys the goals of TFA to diverse groups including key legislators, government officials, senior-level corporate actors and others who are critical to TFA’s overall strategies.
  • Develops constructive and effective working relationships inside and outside the TFAMINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS
  • Bachelor’s degree in management, development studies, public policy, environmental policy or related areas and must have relevant experience planning, managing and implementing government relations projects and/or leading multistakeholder’s groups – or equivalent combination education/experience
  • Analytical and project management experience. Demonstrated experience in successfully developing and implementing complex projects in an unstructured environment.
  • Experience developing, directing and managing multiple projects and implementing strategic program goals.
  • Proven negotiation skills
  • Fluency in English and Portuguese



  • Proven Synthesizing skills and the ability to communicate complex information succinctly
  • Willing to travel both domestically and internationally Established network among key individuals and organizations associated with action around environmental public policies, tropical forests, commodities and public-private sector initiatives in Brazil.
  • Ability to gain the trust of the regional stakeholders across the three sectors actively engaged in TFA (e.g., governments, private sector, and civil society organizations)
  • Master’s degree appreciated
  • Experience presenting to and communicating with management-level individuals within the governmental and corporate sectors.
  • Excellent team player with experience working in multi-disciplinary groups, using influence and interpersonal skills, listening, diplomacy and tact to build strong relationships with governments, corporations, partners, donors, volunteers, and all levels of staff.




Builds Relationships Builds productive relationships by interacting with others in ways that enhance mutual trust and commitment.
Collaboration & Teamwork Works collaboratively with stakeholders across levels, geographies, backgrounds, and cultures to improve decisions, strengthen commitment, and be more effective.
Communicates Authentically Communicates proactively and in a timely manner to share information, persuade, and influence with the appropriate level of detail, tone, and opportunities for feedback.



Takes ownership to help develop others’ skills, behaviors, and mindsets to help them maximize their workplace contributions.
Drives for



Sets challenging goals and objectives based on a strong sense of purpose and high-performance standards and steadfastly pushes self and others for tangible results, while ensuring work-life balance.
Leverages Difference Demonstrates commitment to harnessing the power of differences strategically; consistently sees, learns from, and takes strategic action related to difference; and demonstrates the self-awareness and behaviors to work across differences of identity and power respectfully and effectively with all stakeholder. Actively seeks to build and retain a diverse workforce and fosters an equitable inclusive workplace by drawing upon diverse perspectives.



Thinks and acts from a broad perspective with a long-term view and an understanding of 1) the dynamic nature of large-scale challenges and 2) the need for integrating five key practices: skillfully engaging appropriate people; providing a clear process for change; taking a holistic view of situations; focusing on a small number of strategic actions, while learning from and adapting them over time; and being aware of how one’s own thinking or patterns of behavior may be limiting change.


This description is not designed to be a complete list of all duties and responsibilities required for this job.


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